I Don’t Want To Be Your Hero

I think I’m weak, but often, I turn out to be the strongest in a group.  I will do what others won’t.  I will sacrifice myself when others go home and fade into shadows.  I can’t help it, but I fight.

However, the fact that I will fight the good fight, that I will immediately remove my own intentions for the good of what’s right does NOT:

1)  Allow me to be your scapegoat;

2) Allow you to deem me your martyr;

3) Allow me to claim any credit that may be gained by my foolishness.

I will fight to the death for true love and any goodness that should be given to the meekest of the meek and the poorest of the poor.  I will give you my last nickel if I truly believe it will heal you, but as God as my witness, do not prove me wrong.

I give my love and my heart fleetingly and not without proper research (I am, after all, a modern girl) but I will give everything I have for those in which I believe, from my soul, are righteous, are on a true path.

I love you.  Don’t prove my heart to be a traitor.

Sshh, listen…

{“Hero” written by LFK and DTO, performed by Starfish Lily.  © Curly Girl Music, All Rights Reserved.


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1 Response to I Don’t Want To Be Your Hero

  1. Ginny Marie says:

    Gretchen told me to stop by. 😉 I’m enjoying listening to your music!

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