Love is a gift.  Love is kind.  Love is a cruel remembrance when you are alone.

Gifts should be treasured and freely given to anyone and everyone standing there waiting, hoping…

My heart lurches forward when I see those abandoned and left, forgotten.  I see it all the time and I have seen it all of my life.  Empty shells of people on the street move me especially.

A few years ago, I was driving my daughter to preschool and saw a young man (maybe 24-ish) sleeping in a ball, in an alley, just one block from the beautiful Hollywood & Highland/Kodak Theatre complex — three blocks from our school, 15 blocks from our home.  I almost burst into tears.  I wanted to ask:  where is your family, your home, your mother?

This poor soul, who may have had many problems to deal with, was sleeping much like my own child was a short hour before, except my child was in a warm bed with parents surrounding her.  Now, in this alley there was a man, once a toddler, left to spend the night like this.  I don’t know why, and never will, but for those few seconds while I waited for a light to change, I quickly prayed for him.  Please survive.  Please don’t be so alone.

Please let someone help you.

Thirty minutes later, when I was driving past the same spot on my way home, he was gone and I had to wonder:  Where did he go?  Will he eat?  Will he speak to anyone?  I think of him often.  I hug my children tightly every night and day, praying they are lucky/brave enough to navigate their ways through life and know love and hopefully, little loss.

Love freely.  Re-learn how, everyday.

Sshh, listen…

{“Empty” written by LFK, performed by Starfish Lily.  © Curly Girl Music, All Rights Reserved.}


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