Spin Cycle: Obsession

Okay, there’s no way around it. I AM obsessed. By music. By ridiculously good melodies, orchestrations and arrangements (I’m talking about you, Debussy). By cool rock videos. By David Bowie. There I’ve said it. I love music. And, specifically, I love the music/moods/methods/ministrations of David Bowie. Always have, always will. He has been my greatest teacher, bar none. And, I have had some really great teachers over the years (actual, paid teachers at legitimate universities from which I earned advanced degrees. My real-school teachers know who you are and I salute you.)


In 1981, I was a pale, rail-thin 14-year-old, with enormous, frizzy hair and kinda lonely. However, my secret super power, which saved me, was that I knew every nuance of every David Bowie album to that point. This was accomplished without a record player to my name or an album collection. Where was YouTube when I really needed it? A few years later, I did have seven or so dollars and scored a few Bowie albums at the local mall. Oh, joy! I had many days of rapture – obsessing over the liner notes, the sleeve photos, the SMELL of new vinyl. I still have those very well-loved albums and swoon over them every chance I get.

My love of it all continues. No longer a weedy teenager, I am a certified grownup with a lovely house, two adorable children, a devoted husband of 20+ years, and yes, a Prius. I have arrived. At least in the ways they tell you about in TV commercials. But, in my secret I’m-still-the-coolest-14-year-old-you-are-ever-going-to-meet-but-you-won’t-talk-to-me-way I must say – I have a REALLY great Bowie vinyl collection. And, best of all, I have a music hero who is BACK. Back in a big way.


Now, my longtime inspiration is 66 years old and just released one of his best-selling albums ever on his birthday this year (Jan 8, 2013). I know it’s freaky, but that was also my daughter, Isabella’s, 6th birthday. Good, goodness. This was HUGE. (Bowie’s birthday and album release, not my daughter’s 6th birthday. I have my priorities. Judge me as you see fit.) I had last seen him perform at the Shrine Auditorium in 2004, with Julianna in-utero. We had great seats. But, I digress…

Bowie had a heart attack backstage in 2007 and more-or-less disappeared from the scene thereafter. Since then, I have sadly dusted off my records and songbooks and memorabilia thinking about the days of excitement that ensued with new Bowie albums and concert tours. I had thought those days were gone. But, I was WRONG.

It’s been the best Bowie year since forever! I’m like a confident, rightly arrogant 14-year-old strutting around (okay, maybe not strutting – limping slowly, perhaps) with a NEW David Bowie album, which I own on vinyl, I will have you know – and digital download, CD and various other formats that are instantly out-dated. But, I don’t care! I love that I love this new-release hysteria. I stood in line at Amoeba Records in Hollywood for 3 hours just for the chance at a chance of buying two Bowie singles in limited release for Record Store day. (I got ’em by the way.) I love that my inspiration, the reason I have launched myself artistically and personally into so many flames of rejection over the years, continues to shine on.

When I was in high school, many classmates said, in a very snotty tone, “Oh, you want to marry David Bowie.” And I always laughed because they just did not get it. I never wanted to marry David Bowie. I wanted to BE David Bowie. I STILL DO!! Check out my “Occasional Dream” track.


Original reference:

Go! Here! Hear! http://www.davidbowie.com/

Inspired by the wonderful Gretchen

Second Blooming


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4 Responses to Spin Cycle: Obsession

  1. gretchen says:

    I know that you are still a scrawny 14-year old deep inside. I’m so excited for you that Bowie is back! What fun. It’s a little sad that nowadays kids don’t know the joy of the album. I remember tearing open the plastic wrap and pulling out the liner. SO cool. And I’ve always thought it was weirdly perfect that Isabella was born on Bowie’s birthday.

    You are linked my dear!

  2. I’m happy to know your passion for David Bowie is as strong as ever!

  3. Great inspirational obsession. When I used Gretchen’s Retronaut connection a few days back this image caught my eyes. Hope you enjoy. http://www.retronaut.com/2013/05/mr-and-mrs-bowie-take-three-week-old-zowie-for-a-walk/

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