12-Bar Break

The world is full of short-term deals.  There are “30-Minute Meals,” “10-Minute Abs,” “3-Minutes to a Brighter Smile!”  To all this I have to say:  I want mine.  Give me a break.

No, really.

I need a break.  I will take anything I can get.  No, I’m not looking for a lead on a gig (but, if you hear of anyone looking for a wonderfully creative composer/songwriter with a whole big bag of musical skills, please send them my way.)  But, I digress…

Seriously, I just need a few moments of quiet.  I know I have brought this on myself.  I am the one who decided to surround myself with music, with instruments, with voices singing in beautiful harmony (and some, not so much).  I am in rehearsals, in recording sessions, in the family locker room at the Y with 20 shrieking 6-year-olds all amped up after swim class.

Good Lord, my ears just started ringing with auditory muscle memory/psychological flashback damage.

I have daily doses of feedback, talkback, wailing guitars and beating tribal drums which make my heart dance.  But, every musical line gets the occasional rest and I am seriously looking for a few empty measures.  Give me a good old…

… would ya please?  Yeah, I’m talking to YOU.  You know who you are.  All of you.

Simply put, I just want to walk away every once-in-awhile without someone immediately making a beeline in my direction in need of something.  Is that too much to ask?  (Don’t answer that.)

I love my work.  I love my life.  But, sometimes I just want to float away.

Sshh, listen…

{“Tropical Break, written & performed by LFK.  © All rights reserved.


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1 Response to 12-Bar Break

  1. Gretchen says:

    I hear you. At some point during the Y locker room today, my brain sort of checked out and took a brief vacation while my body was shampooing my child’s hair.

    I think it’s time we looked into that silent retreat thing. Seriously.

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