Doing, Doing, Doing

spin, spin, spinning in place
bump, bump, bump head into wall
give, give, give what I can
take, take, take back it all

laugh, laugh, laugh till I cry
live, live, live as I choose
kiss, kiss, kiss and then hug
mine, mine, mine – win or lose

hope, hope, hope against hope
fight, fight, fight for what’s right
love, love, love beyond time
work, work, work with all my might

pray, pray, pray for myself
pray, pray, pray for my friends
pray, pray, pray for my love
pray, pray, pray it never ends…

Second Blooming


About CurlyGirlMusic

Composer, Songwriter, Producer
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1 Response to Doing, Doing, Doing

  1. Gretchen says:

    Wow. You have just perfectly described yourself! It made me dizzy, but it also made me smile.
    You are linked!

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