Here Is How I Knew…

I have spent my entire life wanting, working, training, working harder still… to be a composer.  When, for my Junior Recital in college at Virginia Commonwealth University – School of the Arts, I stood for the first time and listened to my recorded version of Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedies #3,” I knew I had what it took.  Musically speaking, that is.  I knew I could devour and re-transmit music of the great composers before me.  I knew I could learn from their examples and create music that would inspire future generations.  I knew that I had a musical vision.

I work onward and upward, ever upward.  Life is tough when you’re a girl composer.

But, music is life and life is sweet when you focus your energy properly.   I will never be rich in money or property, but I will never live a day that I don’t consider the wealth of my knowledge and talent to be the greatest gift any girl could ask for.

Sshh… listen,

{“Gymnopedies #3 written by Erik Satie, orchestrated by Claude Debussy and re-imagined, recorded and performed by Lynn F. Kowal.  © Curly Girl Music, All Rights Reserved.}


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2 Responses to Here Is How I Knew…

  1. Ginny Marie says:

    My sister is a girl composer, too — she can relate to how tough it is out there! Keep on writing….

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’m visiting from Gretchen’s blog and happy to “make your acquaintance.” I look forward to reading your blog and listening to your music!

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