In Between

I don’t believe in ghosts.  Having said that, I feel the presence of many spirits around me every single day.  I have accepted the presence of those that surround the “real” world all of my life.  These are not bumps in the night or mysteriously opening glove compartments (which happened just yesterday in my van).  These are spiritual guides.

I grew up around many older relatives.  By the time I was nine, I’d wager I’d been to a dozen open-coffin funerals.  I was an altar girl at my Great-Grandmother’s Funeral Mass and I am sure she’s been with me ever since.  My grandfather has also been guiding so much of my life that when he died (finally, after a long bout with Parkinson’s) I was so happy that he was free to fly over to me in Los Angeles (from Baltimore) any time he wanted.  I actually knew his freedom was coming to me on that day!  How I love the thought that letting go of “life” allowed a travel plan suited to the whimsical, spirited traveller.  To those about to fly, I say bon voyage!  You have safe harbor with me.  Truly.

I loved these people so deeply and I’m willing to continue to do so in the future, sharing my life with all of the beautiful souls that will bless me with their presence.   I consider it an honor to their memories that my children are aware of these people that meant so much to me, that were so instrumental in my development as a child and eventually, as an adult.

A little weird perhaps, but beautiful too.  I fear no shadow, no 2am noise.  I know those are just changes in temperature in the beams of the house or wind in the trees.  But, there is an ongoing strength and resolve in my bones that I know comes from the people I love, that I will always love and I will look to for encouragement and inspiration.

I pray for their continued blessing…

Sshh… listen.   

{“In Between” written by LFK, performed by Starfish Lily. © Curly Girl Music.  All rights reserved.}


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