Delicate One

I admit it.  I’m soft in the middle.  I try to be tough, but I’m really not.  I appear to be strong, but I’m a marshmallow at heart.  I break faster than I bend.  I shrink when I should charge forward.

I am pale and translucent.  I am open and absorbent.  I am anxious and skittish, brittle and riddled with holes.

But… I am creative.  And resourceful.  And stubborn.  I foolishly take on challenges way over my head, but refuse to give up until I am satisfied with my results.  This penchant for boundary crashing has gotten me into boatloads of grief, but also produced some truly fantastic experiences.

I am a composer, a mother, a student, a teacher.  I am far from perfect, but ever-hoping to get there one day.

My music tells my story and reveals the curves of my soul.  It is where you will get to know me best.

Sshh, listen…   

{“Delicate One” written by LFK, performed by Starfish Lily. © Curly Girl Music.  All rights reserved.}


About CurlyGirlMusic

Composer, Songwriter, Producer
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